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Privacy policy

1. Information about personal data handling
This page explains how the web site www.albergodiffuso.it treats personal information of those accessing it.

2. Aims of data handling
Your personal data are gathered and handled with the only purpose to carry out the services you required.

3. Data handling
Personal data are handled by means of automated and computerized procedures.
The person concerned is free to provide his/her own data. Any refusal to supply data may lead to failure to perform the contract or to its partial non-performance.
The owner of the data-handling is the company Albergo Diffuso Comeglians located in Comeglians, Frazione  Povolaro - VAT registration number IT02089220301, who will use your personal information also for the following aims:
- to send commercial, technical or advertising material (per post, fax or e-mail)
- for promotional or marketing activities (per post, fax or e-mail)
- to send price lists, catalogues, technical instructions, samples,…
- to carry out market researches
- to draw up budgets and statistics
Data handling will be carried out thanks to manual and computerized means by the persons (internal and external) in charge of processing your data and by the staff of Albergo Diffuso Comeglians, Frazione Povolaro - 33023 Comeglians (UD) who will use your data in the best way to ensure an efficient management of the web-site.
Albergo Diffuso Comeglians collects Website visitors’ information to ensure the working of special services and sections requiring user identification. Gathered data are used for the technical management of the Site and to draw up internal statistics.
Albergo Diffuso Comeglians uses general statistics about visitors and other information linked to the Website. Data referring to individual visitors will never be communicated to any other subject except the responsible persons and those in charge of processing the above mentioned data.

4. Rights of the person concerned
The person concerned can exercise his/her rights in compliance with Article 7 of the Legislative Decree
196/2003. He/ she can freely gain access to his/her personal data at any moment and ask to modify or to
cancel them sending an e-mail to the following address: info@albergodiffuso.it.

5. Cookies
This Site does not use Permanent cookies, nor IP addresses or other means to retrieve personal
information. The use of Session cookies (those that are temporary and do not stay on your computer after you leave our website or close your browser) serves to identify the user during each individual visit and to facilitate his/her surfing inside the site.
This Website provides links to other websites that may have different privacy policies.
We are not responsible for their content. We cannot  guarantee their reliability in processing your personal data and we cannot exclude the risk of possible virus attacks. We urge users to read the privacy statement of an outside website when leaving our site and linking to an outside website.

6. Consent and specific information
For particular aims or data types inside this Website there are specific clauses and, if necessary, your consent is required.

7. Security measures
This Website provide security measures to guarantee a safe access to users and to prevent the risk of losing or damaging information. Our Anti- Virus Software is updated every day.
Anyway, despite these efficient security tools Albergo Diffuso Comeglians reminds you of the importance of supplying their own computer with an Anti- Virus program against possible virus attacks.
To enter the private area users are given an identifying code and a password, that they can freely choose and that should remain secret. To surfe inside the private area you need a browser that includes 128 bit encryption (for example Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 sp2 and higher or Netscape Navigator 6 and higher).

8. Specifications
We point out that this document represents the Privacy Policy of this Website and that it can be modified at any time

General terms and conditions for your stay

1. Validity
These conditions are valid for all the reservations to Albergo Diffuso Comeglians.
For any questions about special reservations or groups it is necessary to contact directly the reception of our Albergo Diffuso Comeglians Soc. Coop. a r.l.. Please call:+39.0433.619.002.

2. Selling prices
All the inserted prices, from our price list, are VAT- inclusive. Prices and discounts could be modified at any time, without notice, except for reservations that have already been accepted and confirmed. It is responsability of Albergo Diffuso Comeglians Soc. Coop. a r.l. to provide for a new accomodation or to pay compensation for damages if the house is in bad condition.

The price includes the rental of the apartment, fully furnished and equipped  with bed linen and towels, all utilities (hot and cold water, electricity, gas and heating with independent control). Do not include cleaning during the stay. The dining table cloths are not provided.

- In case of late arrival, the payment will comprehend the entire period of booking.
- In case of early departure will be charged just the cost of the room for all the days booked and not used.

The customers cannot let enter in the apartments any person that is not staying in the hotel without the expressed consent of management. If it will detected the presence of unregistered people will be charged a fee of  € 20 per night per person.

3. Booking

Reservations are confirmed by the payament of a deposit of at least 30% of the entire stay.

The deposit can be performed by bank transfer to the following account:

Friuladria, subsidiary of Comeglians
IBAN IT03R0533663760000035269888



4. Cancellation
In case of cancellation made at least 7 days before the expected arrival date, the deposit can be recovered from the customer. For a cancellation later or for no-show, the deposit will be fully retained .

In case of early departure will be charged just the cost of the room for all the days booked and not used.


5. Check-in and Check-out times
Check-in and Check-out times:
check-in: from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm.
check-out: before 10 am.
For any change you MUST speak with the managers of Albergo Diffuso Comeglians Soc. Coop. a r.l..

6. Increases and discounts
- For extra bed on request € 10,00 per day 
- For small pets € 8,00 per day
- For children's bed ( including linen ) 0-3 years € 10.00 per day

7. Law in force and competent court
All decisions are taken in accordance with the Italian Law. The district court of Tolmezzo (UD) is competent for any dispute or disagreement between our Albergo Diffuso and its customers.

8. Exclusion of liability
All data have been collected with the utmost care according to the law. Albergo Diffuso Comeglians Soc. Coop. a r.l. declines all responsability for mistakes in using or communicating them. The use of data (or part of them) in other web sites or for any different purpose not included in the agreement is allowed only upon express authorization of the customer that must always give its consent to the use and transmission of his personal data.

9. Privacy
Following points are in conformity with article 13 of the legislative decree 196/03, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale 174 of 29th July 2003:

1. The person concerned or whoever else giving us his/her personal data is entitled to obtain information, orally or in writing, about:
a) the purposes and the methods of his data handling;
b) if some data are necessary or not;
c) what happens if the user refuses to supply personal information;
d) the people or categories of people to whom the data may be communicated or who may become aware of it as appointed State area representatives, managers or people given specific tasks.And when this could happen;
e) his rights (see article 6);
f) the identification details of the owner and, if appointed, of the people responsible and of the local State representative (according art. 5). If there are more persons responsible for the use of data at least one name must be given, together with the way of finding out and contacting the others. If appointed, it is also necessary to give the name of the person in charge of taking care of customer relationships, to exert the rights mentioned in article number 7.

2. The information given to customers (see point 1) could not include things that they already know or something that must be kept secret to allow public inspections or controls aiming at State defence, prevention and crime fight. 

3. The Privacy Guarantor can decide to take some measures to simplify the information that must be given by call centres or other customer services. 

4. The person concerned will be given the information (see point 1) as soon as his/her data are registered or at the latest just after the first time they are transmitted. This is valid also if personal data are given by a third person. 

5. Point 4 is not valid when:
a) personal data are used according to the law, regulations or European Union rules;
b) personal data are used to carry out investigations (according to the law 397 of 7th December 2000) or to claim or defend rights before a court. Of course personal data must be used exclusively for these purposes and just for the time needed to reach them;
c) the Privacy Guarantor can decide that the information is not needed as it implies a procedure that is disproportionate and too complicated if compared to customer’s rights.

The booking centre of Albergo Diffuso Comeglians Soc. Coop. a r.l. acts in conformity with the privacy law mentioned above. To carry out the services required we need the explicit consent of the customer. By reading the points mentioned above and accepting our online booking conditions the customer allows the use of its personal data for commercial, administrative and fiscal purposes connected to our activity. Personal data will be used also to send advertising material or news to the customer, concerning Albergo Diffuso Comeglians Soc. Coop. a r.l. or local tourist offers.

About the use of personal data we inform that:

- Personal data will be always collected and handled according to the law, with both written or computer methods, with the only purpose to carry out the services required.

- The personal data of the customer are absolutelt necessary to carry out the services required. In case of lack of personal information we can’t satisfy the needs of the customer or fulfil the duties connected to our activity.

- The customer can freely gain access to his personal data at any moment and ask to modify or cancel them by contacting our Albergo Diffuso (data holder): Albergo Diffuso Comeglians Soc. Coop. a r.l., Fraz. Povolaro, Comeglians, tel +39.0433.619.002. 

10. Withdrawal right
According to the legislative decree n. 185/1999 art. 7 the withdrawal right is not applied to contracts of housing services concerning supplying, transports, restaurants, free time when the supplier, drawing up a contract, obligates himself to provide such services on a certain date or a decided period.