In the mountains of Friuli

Vacation rentals: homes, apartments, chalets

Old houses in a typically rural style, ancient farmhouses and out-buildings have been carefully restored to offer guests a warm and welcoming stay. Enjoy the freedom of managing your own time and living space with all the advantages of a traditional, centrally coordinated hotel structure with a single reception point available at all times for assistance, information and suggestions. The Comeglians distributed hotel complex covers the picturesque centres of Comeglians, Ravascletto and Rigolato, the most beautiful villages of the Carnic mountain area in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. All are within short distances of the Monte Zoncolan ski slopes.

Houses / apartments

Houses and apartments

Pasca - Mono 1

Fraz. Maranzanis, 23 / COMEGLIANS (UD)

A comfortable studio-flat for singles or couples looking for a cozy space


Stavolo Cjampeis - Mansarda

Località Cjampeis / RAVASCLETTO (UD)

A rustic attic with exposed beams and wood-burning stove


Nomplan - Primula

Fraz. Povolaro, 48 / COMEGLIANS (UD)

Indipendent apartment in a large villa completely restored


Casa De Antoni

Fraz. Povolaro, 2 / COMEGLIANS (UD)

A spacious apartment suitable for families and small groups


Zovello 1

Frazione Zovello / RAVASCLETTO (UD)

Typical Carnic two-roomed apartment, comfortable and welcoming in summer and in winter. Great location, very close to Ravascletto.


Pasca - Mansarda a valle

Fraz. Maranzanis, 23 / COMEGLIANS (UD)

An old-fashioned house typical in Carnia


The atmosphere is cosy and welcoming, with lovely apartments in the peace of the mountains...

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The village and its peacefulness are worth trying. If you are looking for an escape from the city bustle in a quiet place - this is the place for you!

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If you have never experienced how the concept of a distributed hotel works, our's was one of the first to be founded in Italy and it definitely keeps ahead of all the others. It comes highly recommended.

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Be inspired

Enjoy hiking and walking, outdoor activities, exploring the villages or simply sit in the local tavern to chat and learn about the local traditions - there are so many ways to enjoy your holiday in Carnia.